ESEM International Investment Company

ESEM International Investment Company is a diversified investment company of the Group specializing in investments in energy, real estate, agriculture, commodities, e-commerce, telecommunications and transportation, with many of its investments being made by way of international partnerships and alliances. Our strategic relationship with large multinationals has led to successful partnerships through profitable joint ventures that ultimately have direct or indirect benefits.

Our mandate is to invest across industry sectors is attractive opportunities with significant growth potential which fulfills the investment strategy of the Group. ESEM's investment approach focuses on lasting economic value, which is often independent of near-term market disruptions, and builds long-term relationships which have been a key determining factor in the success it enjoys today.

ESEM continues to align itself to companies that understand the benefits and realization of long-term vision that can be brought alive. Its approach to nurturing the ambitions of others has created a unique Formula for success that is based on mutual acknowledgement of goals. Through achieving this, we aim to positively transform the assets, people and communities that it touches.