ESEM Heavy Industries & Construction Company


ESEM has designed, installed and operated various plants related to construction industry such as production of cement, ready mixed concrete, aggregate, sand, dry-mix products besides various steel and precast concrete structures for different industries with complete stockyards, silos, automation for storage dispatching and control systems and mechanical and electrical works for such plants.

ESEM performs designing, manufacturing, “turn-key” construction and commissioning of industrial facilities of different capacities according to the needs of customers.

•  Cement Grinding and Preparation Facilities

•  Lime Plant

•  Gypsum Plant

•  Facilities for Loading, Storage of Aggregate Materials

•  Mining and Processing Plants

ESEM conducts the following services for an Industrial Operation as required:

•  Investment Consultancy

•  Preparation of Feasibility Reports

•  Design of Different Facilities and Structures

•  “Turn-Key” Construction and Commissioning of Different Facilities

•  Long Term Operation of the Production Plants

•  Technical Consultancy

ESEM is capable of providing high-level services to new customers through the experience accumulated during setting up and operation of various plants related to construction industry and using new technologies. Currently, project management of various overseas projects is in progress.