ESEM Medical Services & Equipment Trading Company

Planning – Management of New Hospital Facilities – Financial Structuring – Consulting – Engineering – Investment – Delivery of Turnkey Hospital Projects

Our target groups are first and foremost hospitals; most of them are publicly owned and/or publicly regulated. We also handle private projects around the world. With the help of its local partners and tightly knit global network of manufacturers, we are capable of offering every one of our customers high quality, individual solutions.

We are working as the solution provider of healthcare stakeholders to satisfy their needs and expectations with a special focus on transparency, accountability, performance and satisfaction.

We provide educational and consulting services to providers through a dedicated team of seasoned professionals.

•  Observer ship programs for physicians, nurses and other clinical staff

•  Training opportunities for administrators

•  Nursing training services

•  Human resources consulting services

•  Clinical consulting services

•  Infection control review

•  Performance improvement review and mock surveys

•  Risk management

•  Operational reengineering

•  PPP projects

•  M&A transactions

•  Market research

•  Growth strategy

•  Operational audit

•  Governance representation

We manage operations through management contracts and help investors differentiate their system from the rest of providers

•  Demonstrating the best value

•  Becoming the most preferred provider of the catchment area

•  Being the employer of choice

•  Employing loyal stuff with pride

•  Establishing accountable, fair, transparent system with adherence to ethical codes

•  Delivering operationally and financially sound outcomes

•  Providing the search for excellence by acquiring Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and other international quality certificates.

We are one of the most experienced teams to establish physical conditions that satisfy stakeholders.

•  Developing business plans with feasibility and market research

•  Actively involving at the preparation of conceptual programming, functional planning, schematic design, design development and construction documents

•  Managing projects throughout the construction

•  Leading equipment planning and procurement process

•  Implementing state of art business technology

•  Commissioning the system